You can laugh at money worries!
If you know the little known marketing secret…

Hi I’m Jason Lee Wei Yi (Son Lee).

Well, how should I describe myself?

I’m a copywriter, businessman and digital marketer.

Let’s not go around the bush. Before I bullshit about myself and you close the page…

Tell me what brings you here? 

You’re here not for my story right?

Why are you here?

So why are you here?

Have you always heard amazing stories about digital marketing? How it make many people multi millions.

But when you run ads you see your money flow like the water coming out of tap. You burn all the cash in a blink of an eye. But it only end with disappointment. The results is not as per your expected. And you are losing money after money…

Or when you try to Google about digital marketing, you find tons and tons of information. You’re so OVERWHELMED. You heard of different medium such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Chatbot and many more.

But you do not know where to start and how to start

But no matter why you’re here, the MAIN SOLE PURPOSE is to GROW YOUR INCOME.

You want to GROW YOUR INCOME so that your business can do better.

No longer stuck in a place where you are neither here nor there. You want to escape from the situation where you make just enough to cover operation and your own expenses.

You want to make more money. You want to have a better life for your family.

You’ve come to the right place.

Here is where you can use DIGITAL MARKETING to CREATE WEALTH.

Now let me share you about my story…

How I get involve in digital marketing.

My Story

Son Lee Jason Lee Wei Yi University of Melbourne

Just like most of the people out there. I went to university for a degree. 

I went to University of Melbourne and graduated in Accounting and Finance major in 2013.

Like most of the accounting graduate out there. The only option in our mind is BIG 4 Accounting Firm.

Same goes to me. I joined KPMG as an auditor and I was so proud when I know I get the offer. Because is not easy to enter a big 4 firm.

I was so excited and passionate in the beginning. Every day I wake up at 530am and goes to Celebrity Gym for a 2 hours workout before I goes to work.

My job scope is doing the audit testing and prepare the audit working papers.

As time goes by…

I realised I have loss my passion.

Every day I was doing the repetitive routine audit paper work. The only thing I look forward when I wake up is gym time and the off work time. Every Monday I’m looking forward to Friday.

I started to get lost.

Deep down I was searching for my passion. I want to look forward to work every day I wake up in the morning. I want to do something I love. I want to do something that even I work for 18 hours I don’t feel tired.

I ask myself every day…

Should I change job?

So what should I do? What am I passionate with?

“Fitness? Personal Trainer? But personal trainer is trading time for money. And I can’t be rich doing that.”

Then I started to Google about selling supplements. I came across this SkinnyMint and Shredz from US.

Wow! They are doing pretty well. It seems easy. Maybe I should do it too.

Like every NEWBIE in business. The OVER OPTIMISTIC guy.

I Google for Kuala Lumpur population. I start imagine what if 1% of the population buy my products.

“Damn. I will be rich.”

“Hmm, how bad could it be? The calculated risk is so low.”

“I’m so young. What can I lose? I got nothing to lose man.”

My inner mind was persuading me every single day…

And you know what? 

Let’s do it!

This is How I Started Digital Marketing

And never regret ever since. It changed my life.

My first business was selling slimming supplements online. I started it with my brother.

I didn’t start as part time. I quit my audit job and venture into it full time and believe it will works.

(If you let me start again, I will do it differently… I will learn digital marketing skill first before jumping into the ship.)

Me and my brother believe in it so much that we took out all our savings and dump it into this business.

“Let’s do this bro. we gonna make it”

We invested around RM 100k. Believing that this 100k will turn into millions…

We start off with ZERO KNOWLEDGE.

We have no idea what is copywriting, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Google SEO or how to create a website.

What we have is the 100k.

Guess what?

“Jeff, let’s get somebody to design our ecommerce website”

We went to this creative designer which was introduced by our friend.

Designer: “So what you guys trying to create”

Us: “We want to create a website that sell slimming supplements man.”

Designer: “So what do you want in website”

Us: “I don’t know man. I just want to make it premium and looks good. I don’t want my brand to looks cheap. You know what am I saying?”

Designer: “Oh yeah. I show you the website I created”

Us: “Oh cool. So how much will you charge us?”

Desginer: “For this website development and ecommerce integration, we charge about RM 20k.”

Us: “Alright, let’s do this man”

So this is how it goes.

We waited 3 weeks for the website to be ready.

“Jeff, finally the website is ready man. Can’t believe we are doing this. Let’s post something in Facebook and Instagram to get the sales.”

We thought that we just need a few posts in Facebook and Instagram and the sales will come.

We posted for few posts a week for a month. NOTHING HAPPEN.

“Jeff, maybe we need to get some influencer. Let’s engage the agency, maybe they can help us”

Us: “We want to engage some influencer to post our product”

Designer: ”Oh sure, we have this few influencers you can work out. So each post is about RM1k. Are you guys okay?”

Us: “Sure bro. Let’s do it”

We did that and thought the sales will be surely coming in this time.


Nothing happen.

“Jeff, let’s create an awesome video for branding and our sales will boom. Let’s engage the agency.”

“Jeff, I think we should create a blog. Let’s get the agency to implement a blog in our website”

“Jeff, I think our post is not nice. Let’s get the agency to maintain our Instagram post. I think our sales will boom.”

“Jeff, I heard of this SEO thing. To rank our website in first page. But I have no idea what is that and how to do it. Let’s get the agency to do it. I think our sales will boom”

We did all this and hoping for sales. Guess what?!

The sales were far from our expectation.

By the time we did all that. We have spent about RM70k.

“Jeff, I think this agency is not great man. Let’s get another agency to do it. Let’s get them to manage our Facebook”

At the end we have FINISH OUR CAPITAL but our business wasn’t growing as what we’ve expected.

We were SO LOST and DEPRESS.

We have no idea how to move on.



I read blog after blog. I read books after books. I went training after training for digital marketing.

Only then I realised what I lack of is SKILLS…

When we started, we don’t know what we doesn’t know. That is the worse.

And this is how I started my digital marketing journey…

What My Story Got To Do with You?

I’ve been through shits. I’ve been through the ups and down in business.

I understand how struggle it is to grow a business.

And this is why I’m different.

This is why I’m not any digital marketing you find outside that charge you the sake of money but wasn’t delivering the result you expected.

  • With the finance experience (from audit and business) and business experience, I can audit and find out WHAT WENT WRONG in your business and how to improve it.
  • My STRATEGY COME FROM DIFFERENT ASPECTS which includes accounting & finance, your products and how it tied it to your marketing and target audience. With limited resources, I know what to prioritize to grow your business
  • I understand how it feels to have very limited resources. How to be CREATIVE to MAXIMIZE ROI with the marketing expense.
  • In short, I’m here to help you generate more revenue and scale your business while keeping the expenses low.

Most important thing is.

I’M FULL OF PASSION IN BUSINESS. And I love to see how I can grow your business. And happy to be sharing the victory with you.

And this is how we can get started.

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