Copywriting Services that Turn Words Into Cash.

If you can’t grab their attention in 3 seconds, you lose them. Copywriting services does the ATTENTION GRABBING job. Copywriting is the key in digital marketing to grow sales FAST! I use proven copywriting framework based on human psychology to GRAB ATTENTION and turn the STRANGER into HOT PROSPECT that they BEG YOU TO SELL THEM to solve their problems.

How My Copywriting Services Make Banker Call You & Wonder How You Multiply Your Cash.

Ads Copywriting

Copywriting Services Ads Copywriting

Make stranger STOP scrolling in Facebook and READ your Ads. Get them so hook up on the words. Read through the words SYSTEMATICALLY based on psychology. Their mind start asking halfway reading the ads “How you know my problem so well. That’s me.” When finish the ads, they can’t wait to sign up your form. In their mind they keep asking “Damn… How can I give you my email now! Please tell me more!”

Here’s why copywriting services is so important in ads:

  1. STOP THEM to read your ads. Scrolling Facebook is like you are driving a car with 180km/h speed in the highway. You will only look at the billboard if it catches your attention. If they pass through your ads and ignore it, Mark Zuckerberg takes your money and enjoy life!
  2. MAKE THEM TAKE ACTION. Crafting a copy that will make them cry in front of their phone because it answer their pain and problems so deeply that they FEEL UNDERSTOOD and click the CTA button immediately.
  3. In short, you SAVE ADVERTISEMENT COST because they read and you INCREASE REVENUE because you get the leads and eventually they buy. Save cost and increase the revenue. Isn’t it what you want?

Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting

Nurture the relationship with the leads. Make them feel that you are the one that understand their problem deeply and you are the ONLY ONE able to solve for them. When they finish a few rounds of emails, they beg you to help them solve their problem. When they feel understood and their buying status is “HOT”, they take out money immediately from wallet to pay you. There is NO EXPENSIVE PRICE, just they DON’T SEE VALUE in your offer if your copywriting don’t justify.

Here’s why copywriting services is so important in email:

  1. MAKE THEM READ YOUR EMAILS. Generally, there’s either A pile (Keep and read) or B pile (DELETE!) for emails. Email subject decides whether it goes to A pile or B pile. Research shows that a person receive around 126 emails a day averagely. I will craft a copy to ensure that your email will be belong to A pile out of the 126 emails.
  2. MAKE THEM BUY FROM YOU in the 5th Crafting a high conversion rate copy that based on psychology and nurture them so that they BELIEVE you are the ONLY ONE to solve their problem and give you the money willingly.
  3. In short, you increase your Open Rate and increase your Conversion Rate. This means you start to see your bank grows.

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting Services

No matter are you creating an E-commerce website or brand or corporate website. You create it with a SOLE PURPOSE which is to INCREASE REVENUE either directly or indirectly. You do this by making sure they get ALL THE RELEVANT INFORMATION THEY WANT TO SEE (not you want to tell) and answer all theirs deep inner OBJECTIONS.

Here’s why copywriting services is so important in website:

  1. MAKE SURE THEY DON’T CLOSE your website. Reading what they want to see and relevant to their problems make them stay. I will craft a copy based on your target audience NEEDS or WANTS.
  2. MAKE THEM TAKE ACTION you want them to take. Either to call you, email you or buy directly from your Ecommerce website.
  3. In short, you decrease the Bonce Rate (People leaving your website within few seconds) and increase the conversion rate. You get more people buying from you as compare your competitors.

This is How I Craft High Conversion Copywriting For You

1. Research

Your Product/Services

Your Product or Services

I need to know from you what does your product or services do. What problems or pain points do you solve for your customer? Or what excitement or motivation does your product create for your customer? Basically to understand deeply for your 4Ps markeing mix (Prie, product, promotion and place)

Your Target Audience

Your Target Audience

To understand what does your target audience painful daily experience they want to relieve every day. Or what do they secretly desire. What are their demographic and psychographic details? The more we understand your target audience the best we can craft for the copy. This is what going to happen inside your prospect mind “Damn, that’s me. How you know I feel this way. You must be able to help me solve my problems”. This is where the money start rolling in.

Your Competitors

Your Competitors

Once we understand the market and offer, we need to know your competitor. We going to research on your competitor on what, why, how they doing so that we can craft a copy that BEATS YOUR COMPETITORS. Like what Sun Tzu has said “if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

2. Strategize

I will craft a copy that based on your marketing funnel or customer stage. Whether your customer is a cold, warm or hot target audience. Having a different message to different audience progress increase conversion rate.

3. Craft the Words

Depending on whether the copywriting is for ads, email or website and landing pages. The copywriting will be craft based on proven copywriting framework that guide through your customer purchase psychology step by step. Lead them to take an action with you immediately!

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