Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Scale Your Business Fast with Proven Laser Targeted Facebook Marketing System

25 Million (77.7%) Malaysians are using Facebook every month. Don’t miss out on tapping into this huge market through laser targeted Facebook marketing system that suck in leads or sales like a big vacuum machine.

Real Leads That Pay Cash into Your Bank.

Facebook Advertising Real Leads Pay Cash

It is nice to be liked or shared. But can you bring like or share to bank?

This is what 95% of Facebook Advertising Agency is doing wrong. What they promise you is impression “how many people view your ads”, likes or shares.

But they forget the most important thing that drives a business. Sales! I focus on creating a campaign that drives leads to give you cash instead of likes

Fast Fish Eat Slow Fish. SCALE Fast with Facebook Marketing.

In today’s business, is all about SPEED! It is no longer a big fish eat small fish. You must swim and act fast like how a shark catches its prey.

The fastest way to SCALE your business FAST is through Facebook advertising.

We help you acquire customer profitably and reinvest the profit to acquire more customer to SCALE FAST!

Facebook is the only marketing channel that able to tap into the 25 million Malaysians users as long as you have the budget.

Stop Paying Facebook Marketing for People to Ignore You

Facebook no longer works! Have you try doing Facebook marketing but realized that you spend on ads but have no results? And the money spend on ads is like water flowing out of tap?

Why? Because you are showing your ads to those people who don’t even interested on it. And you wonder why your ads is not working and is very expensive.

This is why I can create profitable Facebook ads. I craft Facebook campaign with laser targeted audience like a sniper sharpshooter (only show to people who interested) and using persuasive copywriting that attracts attention and convince them to take action you desired immediately.

How I Turn Your RM 1 into RM 3
with Facebook Marketing

A forest full of low hanging fruit for you to grab when you harness the power of Facebook marketing. 

I understand it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you try to do Facebook marketing by yourself. Most of the time you ended up losing money and see no results

When you try to learn online, you are flooded with information that you don’t know how to start.

This is why I can help you to strategize and develop a super profitable Facebook campaign that double or TRIPLE your sales

Facebook ad campaigns is proven to turn every RM 1 in ad spend into RM 3 paying customers if it was done right. And Facebook is the best channel to scale BIG

With that said, there’s never been better time to start Facebook advertising. Read on to discover how I grow your business with this 3 simple steps.


6 Steps to Make Crazily Profitable Facebook Ads

6 Steps To Make Crazily Profitable Facebook Ads Ebook

This Ebook is 100% FREE and reveals the simple 6 steps to make profitable Facebook ads.

This is what you’ll discover:

  • If you sell to everyone, you sell to no one. Learn how to find your target audience.
  • How to get paying customers through “Tinder and Dating” theory
  • Why nobody give a damn on your ads
  • How to craft a POWERFUL ads that people will just click and take action
  • and much more…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Facebook Marketing

Look, anyone who says Facebook marketing don’t work anymore… is someone who either has no idea how to run Facebook marketing, or they have been burned by other sub par marketing agency where they just do social media posting and expecting miracle to happens.

When done correctly, Facebook ads can be the most powerful lead generation and customer acquisition.

And the good news is, Facebook Ads can SCALE BIG as compare to Google Ads.

As cold traffic source, business have the ability to reach millions of people who may never heard of your company before.

The secret is lies in the Facebook pixel. The pixel who uses Artificial Intelligence to gather data on visitor in your website, and then uses that data to find more hungry and ready to buy prospects.

This is how we see it:

When you hire-in house, you’re hiring one person with one set of skills. Sure, you can micro manage them, but when that person leaves, your company have to start from square one.

Not to mentioned about those extra expenses your company have to bear such as EPF, SOCSO and other benefits. And if they do not hit your KPI, is not easy to fire a staff. You have to follow the human labour law.

When you hire an agency, you hire an entire team of experts with years of experience. And good thing is, you can stop the service anytime you want without much headache. Although most of our clients are still with us since they started.

The cost of Facebook marketing is different for every business. It depends of the following factors:

Business Goals: Whether you want to have 10 leads a day vs 50 leads a day. Your cost will be different

Competition in your industry: If your industry have a huge competition and strong market leaders, your cost to advertise will be different.

The reality is, we don’t have a one size fits all quote. We tailor every single campaign based on the research and information we gather. Thus, the pricing depends on many factors which includes your goals.

If someone who says Facebook Ads cost X amount, beware of it as they might don’t truly know what it takes to be successful on the platform.

This depends on a couple of factors. If your website is already having a healthy conversion rate and high performance, we may not have to make any change. However, we may have some recommendations such as increasing the site speed or building a landing page and sales funnel to optimize the performance of campaign.

In short, Facebook usually target COLD traffic source while Google target WARM or HOT traffic source.

In Google, your prospects are actively looking for a solution to their problem. You do not need to have much convincing to do when you want to make them take action.

In contrast, In Facebook, we are putting our ads in front of people who are in social platform for entertainment. They are not looking for any product or services. They are COLD audience.

You might be thinking, then why go for cold audience if you can convert easily with warm or hot audience.

The reason because Facebook has the ability to scale massively once Facebook pixel have been seasoned enough with data.