Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Scale Your Business Fast with Proven Laser Targeted Facebook Marketing System

25 Million (77.7%) Malaysians are using Facebook every month. Don’t miss out on tapping into this huge market through laser targeted Facebook marketing system that suck in leads or sales like a big vacuum machine.

Real Leads That Pay Cash into Your Bank.

Facebook Advertising Real Leads Pay Cash

It is nice to be liked or shared. But can you bring like or share to bank?

This is what 95% of Facebook Advertising Agency is doing wrong. What they promise you is impression “how many people view your ads”, likes or shares.

But they forget the most important thing that drives a business. Sales! I focus on creating a campaign that drives leads to give you cash instead of likes

Facebook Advertising Real Leads Pay Cash

Fast Fish Eat Slow Fish. SCALE Fast with Facebook Marketing.

In today’s business, is all about SPEED! It is no longer a big fish eat small fish. You must swim and act fast like how a shark catches its prey.

The fastest way to SCALE your business FAST is through Facebook advertising.

I help you acquire customer profitably and reinvest the profit to acquire more customer to SCALE FAST!

Facebook is the only marketing channel that able to tap into the 25 million Malaysians users as long as you have the budget.

Stop Paying Facebook Marketing for People to Ignore You

Facebook no longer works! Have you try doing Facebook marketing but realized that you spend on ads but have no results? And the money spend on ads is like water flowing out of tap?

Why? Because you are showing your ads to those people who don’t even interested on it. And you wonder why your ads is not working and is very expensive.

This is why I can create profitable Facebook ads. I craft Facebook campaign with laser targeted audience like a sniper sharpshooter (only show to people who interested) and using persuasive copywriting that attracts attention and convince them to take action you desired immediately.

How I Turn Your RM 1 into RM 3
with Facebook Marketing

A forest full of low hanging fruit for you to grab when you harness the power of Facebook marketing. 

I understand it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you try to do Facebook marketing by yourself. Most of the time you ended up losing money and see no results

When you try to learn online, you are flooded with information that you don’t know how to start.

This is why I can help you to strategize and develop a super profitable Facebook campaign that double or TRIPLE your sales

Facebook ad campaigns is proven to turn every RM 1 in ad spend into RM 3 paying customers if it was done right. And Facebook is the best channel to scale BIG

With that said, there’s never been better time to start Facebook advertising. Read on to discover how I grow your business with this 3 simple steps.

Facebook Marketing Research Analzye


First, book your 100% FREE growth strategy consultation, and let me analyze your business, products or services and target audience.

I will dig deep on what problem your target audience want to solve, what motivates them and what are they interested in.

This to ensure I can have a laser focus target audience that are hungry to buy your products or services.

This will eventually reduce your Facebook Ads cost and increase your sales.

Facebook Marketing Execute Ads


Once we have deep understand on the target audience.

I will create a direct response Facebook Ads with persuasive copywriting to drive qualified leads and sales into a high conversion landing page in 14 days.

I will handle all the busy work while you focus on building your business.

Facebook Marketing Optimization


With the data collected from Facebook campaign, I will further optimize the ads to reduce the advertisement cost and increase conversion rate to have higher sales. 

Once your Facebook campaign is profitable, I will reinvest the profit from the sales and acquire more customer from Facebook.

Scale your business to next level where even your competitor can’t catch up.

You’ll be able to build a strong brand presence and tap into a predictable stream of highly targeted leads who consistently come back to you for repeat sales.

In short, you start experiencing exponential growth of your business and see your money multiply in bank.

Ready to grow your business?

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