Skyrocket Your Sales with Google Adwords PPC

Google adwords PPC advertising is the fastest strategy to grow leads and sales fast. Is like showing the Wagyu Beef to the Beef lover when they search for it online. What do you think is the chances of getting sales?

Only Reason Google Adwords PPC is a Must for You

Fastest Lead & Sales Generating Machine from Hungry Customer

Steal the click from competitors

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the fastest way to generate leads and sales for your business. Is like instant effect – in 15 minutes you can put up your ads and get people to click. It shows to very targeted ready-to-buy customers in hunt for solution that your products or services provides. Is like serving Wagyu Beef to beef lover. Invest in PPC to grab the market share from your competitors.

Little Known Secret to High Profit Google Adwords PPC…

Shh… Promise me to keep this between you and me. This is what most PPC agencies won’t tell you (Maybe they don’t even know).

Getting PPC to be profitable can be hard work if you don’t have the know-how or experience. If you set up your campaign to try out and give Google Adwords a go, you might be burning your money in a blink of an eye on irrelevant and costly keywords.

Or, if you have a PPC agency running it for your but not fully optimized for conversion, you are only getting the clicks and traffic but no results. And you can’t bring clicks or traffic to bank.

The SECRET to profitable PPC is 3 words… RELEVANT, RELEVANT and RELEVANT.

What I’m doing here differently is to create a HIGH RELEVANT and HIGH CONVERSION landing page based on a single TARGETED KEYWORD to send your PPC traffic.

Using the direct response copywriting to SHOW WHAT YOUR PROSPECT WANT TO SEE (instead of what you want to tell – and they don’t even care). So that you have high chances of getting sales.

Just in case you doesn’t know, Google penalize those who are not relevant (don’t show what the visitor want to see based on keyword search). Google charge you 3x to 10x more if your keyword and page is not relevant. You might be paying RM 3 to RM 10 for a single click as compare to RM 1.

Also having a RELEVANT page means that the chances of them buying and take action is HIGHER. Is like when they ask you for wagyu beef you give them a very nice cut of wagyu beef. Instead of showing them buffalo, lamb and chicken. And the worse is, they show you vegetarian section when you ask for wagyu beef. What do you think your advertisement budget going to be?

In short, you minimize your advertising cost and you increase the conversion rate. This means more money flowing into your bank.

Isn’t it what you want?

How I Manage a High Conversion PPC Campaign for You with 3 Steps


Research Google PPC

If you have done a good research, you would have done 70% of the sales. In the research phase I need to know in depth about your products or services, your target audience, your competitors.

From there I can do a detailed keyword research and craft you a HIGH RELEVANT & PROFITABLE Google Adwords PPC campaign based on targeted keyword and landing page.


Manage Google PPC

Create a profitable Google adwords ppc campaign with high conversion landing page based on a single targeted keywords.

Using different google ads services such as Search Network, Google Display, Google Shopping and Remarketing.


Optimize Google PPC

Use the data collected from running the ads to optimize the campaign. To update the negative keyword, review the terms and further add on exact keyword and landing page. Revise the bid as well as the budget based on the data.

In short, further reduce the cost per click and increase the conversion rate.

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