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What Are Website Pages You Must Have: 8 Important Pages

Not sure what are website pages you must have in web design stage? Before designing your website. First thing you need to know is who is your website reader or we call target audience. Click here to read how to identify target audience.

After identify your target audience, you will have clear idea what they are looking for. What problem they want to solve or what desire or dream they want to achieve.

Your website is one of the best sales tools. It’s your storefront. And often this is the place you create the first impression.

In this blog, we will look at some of the must have pages for you to drive sales.

1. Homepage

What Are Website Pages - Homepage Example

Homepage will likely be the first page your visitors see. While not every visitor first page is homepage, but is definitely one of your most frequently viewed page.

The content on your homepage should be intriguing enough to capture visitor’s attention in less than 5 seconds and make them stay.

For example the above homepage from CrazyEgg. Immediately they tell you what they do for you and giving you a free trial.


Purpose of homepage is to make visitor stay in your website. Homepage is not for selling.

What to include:

The first sentence or header in homepage should be a short and precise description of what you do and the most compelling benefit on how you can help the visitor solve their problem. For example, in weight loss “Helping You to Lose 5kg in 14 Days Without Weight Rebound”.

Also put at eye-catching visuals that reflects your short description to capture the visitor’s attention.

Because visitors will quickly scan over your homepage to determine whether is there a solution they seek. Studies shows that you have 8 seconds before they click back or close button.

Homepage is also the page to build trust and credibility. These are some items to build trust:

  • Featured wall
  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Showcase Customer or Partner logo
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Authority person/influencer with your product

Also remember to add a CTA button in the page for them to take action.

2. Lead Generation Page

What Are Website Pages - Lead Generation Page

The most important page in your website is Lead Generation Page. Only 3% of visitors will purchase your products or services first time they visit the webpage. Hence, 97% of the visitor you need to build relationship with them so they can gain trust and eventually purchase from you.

And the first step is to capture their name and email so you can engage with them through email marketing. You offer some Free items as a bribe such as Ebook in exchange for their name and email.


To capture leads to nurture the relationship and turn them into customer

What to include:

  • Offering Free items such as Ebook
  • Header on how the Ebook can help prospect solve their problem
  • Bullets Point on what the prospect can learn from Ebook
  • Testimonial of customer

3. About Page

People buy from people, and visitors want to learn about who are the people behind the company. The page should give a brief summary of who you are, your company history and what makes you difference compare to your competitor.

Remember to add a Click To Action (CTA) button at bottom of about us page to lead generation page. So that you direct the visitor over to take action.


To let visitor know more about your company and the team behind. And also how and why your company can help them.

What to include:

  • History/timeline
  • Founder biographies
  • Team member
  • You Unique Selling Point (USP)/ What makes your difference
  • CTA to link to your Lead Generation Page

4. Services/Product Page

This page defines the reason for your business existence. What products or services you offer?

Visitors come to your website and search for a solution to their problem. They want to know if what you offer is the answer to their needs.

Don’t be over concern about writing too much. Visitor need information to make decision. The more they are informed the more trust they have. Provide all the facts you have. The more you tell, the more you’ll sell.

This is one of the formula to write a product page:

FBAT. Features, Benefits, Advantage and Testimonial. For example selling laptop:

Features – 8gb SSD Hard Drive

Benefits – High speed compare to previous traditional hard disk. The startup of laptop in few seconds.

Advantage – You can have better productivity when work. Most important, when you are doing multitask and presenting, your laptop would not be lag or jam.

Testimonial – Show the real customer testimonial.

Sometimes people who don’t understand the jargon. You have to show them the advantage.

5. Review/Testimonial Page

This is page where you show off reviews from real customers. If possible, includes the customer info, photos. Best even if you can record a brief video about his experience with your company. This will add authenticity to each review. Anyone can write review, but those actual source with photos greatly improve credibility and trust of your business.

Survey shows that 92% of people read reviews before buying. Click here to read more interesting statistics on testimonials.


Review from a real third party usually carry much more weights. To create trust and shows visitors how others solve their problem with your products or services.

6. Blog Page

When visitor first visit your website, 97% of them will not purchase in the first visit. They are just there to gather information. A blog is a great way to engage with your prospect and give them more value.

Your blog is also one of the greatest and most affordable marketing tools. Blog is the tool you needed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategy. A blog help you drive traffic and leads if is was done right.


To drive traffic and leads. To build a relationship with your prospect by giving them more value that solve their problem.

What to include:

First and foremost, you need a strategy for doing blog for SEO purpose. You need to do a keyword research to find out what is the topic your target audience are looking for. Based on that you do a deep research and write a long form in depth blog post around 2,000 words and above. As it is proven that long article performs better in SEO.

7. Contact Page

What Are Website Pages - Contact Page

There’s no point having a great website if your customers cannot find a way to contact you. Even you have contact information in your footer, you still need a dedicated contact page. You want to make their life easy to reach you. Some visitors like to email and some like to call or WhatsApp. Give your visitor both choices.

Don’t make your visitors fill up a lengthy form that requires a lot of information. Many people hesitate to produce details like their mailing address and phone number until they feel they can trust you. Keep the form as simple as possible for them to email you.


To let visitor reach or contact you easily if there have any inquiries.

What to include:

  • Phone number
  • Address and Waze link
  • Email
  • Contact form
  • Operating hours

8. FAQ Page

The FAQ page is to answer the most frequent questions you are asked. It will tell the visitors what they need to know. This can save you time to answer the same question to each individual basis.

You can also use this page to address common objections that hinder them from buying your products or services.

If you have a lot products or services. You can break it down to have sections relating to each in the bottom of the page.

Provide honest answer for each one. Your answers should also be a call to action and persuade prospect to take the next step.


To answer the frequently answer question and to handle the common objections.

What to include:

The most common questions you are most frequently asked should be on this page. Such questions should also remove any doubts a customer may have, in order to make them feel secure enough to make a purchase from you.

Conclusion on What Are Website Pages you need

Want to know what are website pages you need? Here is the list:

  • Homepage
  • Lead Generation Page
  • About Us Page
  • Services/Product Page
  • Testimonial Page
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Page
  • FAQ Page

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